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CSCI165 - Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web

Topics in order of presentation in the course:

General Information 
Free Web Hosting (000webhost.com)
File Transfer to Web Server (FileZilla)
History of Computers and Programming
Numbering Systems
Multimedia (For reference only)
Multimedia on the WWW (For reference only)
Understanding Computers and the Internet - Videos
The Internet
Numbering Systems (Binary and Hexadecimal only)
SEO (For reference only)
Web Design
WWW (For reference only)
Python Programming
What you need to study for CSCI120 - Python 3 Programming
Internet Programming

General Information

Instructor's Website 
Instructor's Schedule
Course Details
The midterm exam
The final exam
Final exam study guide
Academic Honesty

Free Web Hosting (000webhost.com)

To obtain access to a free web server:

File Transfer to Web Server (FileZilla)

Required secure file transfer software:

FileZilla Installation and Run Instructions (Linux and Windows) 
FileZilla Quick Instructions


Required WWW/Internet Textbook 
Required Python 3 Textbook: PDF document, size 1.1 MB (1,056,850 bytes)
Recommended Textbook - Website

History of Computers and Programming

History of Computers (for reference only) 

Multimedia (For reference only)

Chapter 6 - Multimedia Powerpoint 
Colour Chart
Web Graphics
GIMP Documentation / Help
Galloping horse animated gif
Walking man animated gif
Graphics File Formats
Image Compression
Graphics Freeware (scroll down on the left under "Graphics")
Multimedia Freeware (scroll down on the left under "Multimedia")
Powerpoint Tutorial

Multimedia on the WWW (For reference only)

How to put Multimedia on The Internet - W3C - Approved Web Multimedia Tutorial

Understanding Computers and the Internet - Video

Understanding Computers and the Internet - Harvard Lectures and Notes

The Internet

What you need to study for the Internet: The Internet 
Chapter 9 - Internet Powerpoint (Recommended book)
Chapters 1 and 2 (Required book)
What is my IP?


DO NOT use the Internet Explorer browser for this course.
IE doesn't display the course resources correctly.
You have been warned.

What you need to study for HTML 
HTML Tutorial


What you need to study for XHTML 
Chapter 3 Required Textbook
Introduction to XHTML
XHTML Tutorial
XHTML Version 1.0 Strict Template
XHTML 1.0 Strict Validation
XHTML Validation Tips (Mandatory Reading)
HTML Tidy Tool
Well-Formed XHTML
W3C Link Checker

Numbering Systems

What you need to study for Numbering Systems 
Numbering Systems


What you need to study for CSS 
Chapter 4 Required Textbook
Introduction to CSS
CSS Tutorial
W3C CSS Validation Service


HTML5 Tutorial
HTML5 Video Tutorial
HTML5 Validation
HTML5 Validation Tips (Mandatory Reading)
HTML5 Template

SEO (For reference only)


Web Design

What you need to study for Web Design: the following links...

Web Site Design 
Web Quality
W3C Quality Tips
Web Accessibility
Responsive Web Design - Intro
Responsive Web Design - The Viewport
Web Validation
WC3 on Web Design (Reference material)

WWW (For reference only)

W3 Schools 

Python 3 Programming Resources for CSCI120 and CSCI165


Python 3 Reference Material 

Python 3 Textbook below:
Python 3 Textbook: PDF document, size 1.1 MB (1,056,850 bytes)

Python 3 Tutorial below:
Python 3 Tutorial: Free and no ads

Python 3 Example Programs below:
Example Python 3 Programs 

Python 3 Videos below:
Python 3 Videos 

A Simple Python 3 Tutorial Website:
W3Schools Python 3 Tutorial 

Introduction to Computer Science
Introduction to Programming
Using IDLE (Python's IDE)
Python 3 Installation
IDLE Editor
Watch the Python Installation and IDLE Editor movies below (11 minutes):
Python 3 Installation The Movie! 
IDLE Editor The Movie!
Wiki page on IDLE
Create and run a Python Program
Python 3 Textbook: PDF document, size 1.1 MB (1,056,850 bytes)
(Python 2.x /3.x Reference Book )
Think Python Website (Reference only)
Dive into Python 3 Reference Book for experienced programmers
Python 3 Example Programs below:
Example Python 3 Programs 
Important notes on Python 2 and Python 3 - README!
Spacing and Indentation in Python programs - README!
IDLE's debugging tools
Python Help
Internet Programming with Python - An example - for reference only
For reference only - Making games in Python 3
For reference only - Plotting Graphs in Python 2 using PyLab

What you need to study for CSCI120 Python 3 Programming: the following links... 
Introduction to Computer Science, Programming and Python 
Introduction to Python 3 Programming
Using IDLE (Python's IDE)
Python Comments
Python Programming Hint Sheet
Chapter 1
Introduction to Programming (Sections 1, 3, 4 and 6)
Chapter 2  Python variables, expressions and statements
Introduction to Programming (Sections 4, 7 and 8)
Python 3 Data Types and Processing
Python Operator Precedence
Python's + Operator
Python 3 Input
Python 3 Processing and Selection
The if statement
Chap 5.1 - 5.7
Introduction to Programming (Sections 5, and 9.1) Conditionals
Python Data Types, Processing, Operator Precedence and the Selection (if) statement (Video 10 min)
Python 3 Repetition and String Formatting (htm)
Flowcharts, Python 3 code and code tracing
Python 3 Functions
Chap 3
/ Chap 6.1 - 6.4
[The following Python resources are NOT REQUIRED for course CSCI165.] The following Python resources are extra resources covered by course CSCI120 in the second half of the semester, i.e. after the midterm exam. Python Lists (example programs
07-01.py - 07-15.py) Lists
Chapter 10
Python Strings (example programs
08-01.py - 08-14.py) Strings
Chapter 8
Python Files (example programs
09-01.py - 09-05.py) Files and Exceptions
Chapter 14 (Ch14.1-Ch14.5)
Searching (example programs
10-01.py - 10-06.py) Searching

The following topics are for reference only:
Numbering Systems
Python 2.x Input
Problem Solving with Python 3
Classes (example programs
13-01.py - 13-05.py) Introduction to Classes Programming with Classes
Chapter 15 (Ch15.1-Ch15.5), Chapter 17
Sorting Sorting and Complexity
Computational Complexity
Recursion (example program
12-01.py) Intro to Recursion
Important notes on Python 2 and Python 3 - README!
Games For reference only - Making games in Python 3
For reference only - Learn Python by Building 5 Games

Internet Programming with JavaScript and PHP (CSCI165 only)
Reference Material

Example PHP Scripts (i.e. PHP programs) 
DO NOT use the Internet Explorer browser for this course.
IE doesn't display the course resources correctly.
You have been warned.
What you need to study for Internet Programming: the following links...

Chapters 5 and 8 Required Textbook 
JavaScript Tutorial
JavaScript Tutorial - JS Basic Section - Topics for reference only (not on exam): Intro, How To, Where To, Statements. Comments, Variables, Operators, Comparisons, If...Else, Popup Boxes, Functions, For Loop, While Loop Introduction to PHP
PHP Tutorial
PHP Tutorial - PHP Basic Section - Topics to study: PHP Intro
PHP Syntax
PHP Variables
PHP Strings
PHP Operators
PHP if...else
PHP Looping - for
PHP Looping - while
PHP Functions
PHP Form Handling
php.net Tutorial - FOR REFERENCE ONLY
PHP / web programming tutorials - FOR REFERENCE ONLY
PHP / MySQL programming tutorial - FOR REFERENCE ONLY
PHP and HTML forms - Topics to study:
Chapters 5 and 8 Required Textbook 
HTML Forms
HTML Form Tag
HTML Input Tag
HTML <form> action attribute
HTML <form> method attribute
PHP and HTML Forms
Example forms and PHP
Reference Material: Example PHP Scripts (i.e. PHP programs)

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