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Academic Honesty
Assignments - Lab Assignments
Assignments - Presentations
Assignments - Team
Course Materials
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Course Outline
Course Schedule (Tentative)
Exams - Rules
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Reading Assignments  

Reading assignments for each week are posted on the course schedule.
To get the most from this course, you should attempt to read the relevant pages 
of the textbook in advance of the class in which the topic is covered. 
Summary Powerpoint presentations and other resource materials are available
on the course schedule.

Students will be tested on the content of reading assignments.

Class Presentations  

Instructor presentations are provided on C4 and on the course schedule.
To get the most from this course, you should attempt to review the course material
in advance of the class in which it is presented.


Course Materials  

Data files and all other resources are available on the course schedule. 

Please familiarise yourself with the resources on the course schedule.

To get the most from this course, 
you should attempt to review the course material
in advance of the class in which it is presented.


Microsoft Office
Python 3


All classes include a theory and/or practical portion.
There is a ten minute break approximately half way through each class. 
Attendance is taken at the start and end of each class.

Class Rules  

Regular attendance is mandatory
Cell phones must be switched off during classes
Please do not talk during lectures

Academic Honesty  

Academic Honesty plays a key role in our efforts to maintain
a high standard of academic excellence and integrity. 
Students are advised that all acts of intellectual dishonesty
are subject to disciplinary action by the College;
serious infractions will be dealt with
in accordance with the Code of Academic Honesty.

Click here for important notes
on Academic Honesty by Greg Baker, SFU.

Click here for an example of academic dishonesty. Academic Dishonesty Plagiarism To pass off another's ideas, writings or programs as one's own is considered a form of cheating (plagiarism). However, if documented credit is given where it is due, students may use any resource they wish to complete assignments. Quiz and Exam Rules Academic honesty is mandatory No talking or communication No books or electronic equipment allowed No dictionaries or calculators allowed Cell phones must be switched off All your belongings - phones, bags, coats, etc should be placed at the front of the room You should have with you only a pen Evaluation (% of final grade) Classwork / Homework Participation 15% Quizzes (x 3) 20% Midterm Exam (x 1) 30% Final Exam (x 1) 35% Assignment labs involve teamwork as well as/or individual work. Students may be tested in a quiz or exam on the content of reading assignments, in-class assignments and homework assignments. Online Gradebook Quizzes Quizzes are worth a total of 20% of the final grade. Quizzes are in the form of short written questions or fill-in-the-blank questions. Some quizzes may include multiple choice questions. Quiz dates and topics are shown on the course schedule. Online Gradebook Assignments Click here for info about regular labs. Team Assignments Some assignments involve team work. Students will be assigned to teams by the instructor. For each team project, students will be assigned to a different team. Rules for Teams: Each team must work independently of the other teams. Each team member is expected to contribute an equal amount of time to the total workload of each assignment. Students will be tested on the content of team assignments. Saving Files The classroom computers have been set up so that you can save your files to the desktop. Old files are automatically deleted at the end of every day. Submitting Assignment Files For each week of the semester, all lectures, activities and assignments are posted on C4. Assignment Presentations From time to time, one team or individual (chosen at random) will have their lab assignment results presented to the class by the instructor. For selected team projects, students will be required to present their own work to the class. Homework From time to time you will be given homework assignments. Each student must complete the homework assignments. Students may be tested in a quiz or an exam on the content of homework assignments. Homework assignment issue dates are shown on C4. Class Participation You are expected to attend all of the lectures and to participate in large and small group discussions and activities. Participation means being actively involved and interested, giving due respect to fellow students and instructor. Documented evidence of participation takes the form of attendance rosters, student conduct records and saved class work. Exams Exams are composed of a mixture of: multiple choice, true/false, predict-the-output and written questions. Exams are closed book. The Midterm Exam is worth 30% and the Final Exam is worth 35%. Students must attain an overall passing grade on the weighted average of exams in the course in order to obtain a clear pass (C or better). Online Gradebook Grades A+ 91 - 100 C+ 65 - 69 A 86 - 90 C 60 - 64 A- 80 - 85 C- 55 - 59 B+ 77 - 79 P 50 - 54 B 73 - 76 F Below 50 B- 70 - 72 Online Gradebook Status Reports Your attendance, conduct and progress will be monitored throughout this course. You may inspect your status report at any time using the Online Gradebook. REMINDER This course is challenging. As well as weekly in-class lab assignments, there are weekly reading assignments. Students are expected to devote the appropriate amount of time for study.

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